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All of these scripts and documents can be found is to make a research exchange with us
and then to develop a new theory and its application. If you have an interest on subject
from the following, please let us know...

I had retired the position at March 31, 2012(Heisei 24nen 3gatu 31niti).
The last lecture in the university held from 16:00 to 17:00, March 9, at the building No.4 of the faculty of Science.
(Finished! Thanx for your attendance.) And now I'm the emeritus professor of Chiba University.
penGreetings(in Japanese)
penOn_leave_of_chiba(in Japanese)submitted to Chiba Union

The class note(transcript of lectures, Kougi Notes) in Japanese is here.



Special link to Prof. Minoru Sakaguchi's letter which he sended me.

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