The 34th MLG meeting

The 34th MLG meeting was held at Echigo-Yuzawa, Japan on January 9--12, 2001. Here is its proceedings.

Proceedings of the 34th MLG meeting

Extended Abstracts of the Talks

  1. Eido Kyuma, The curse of constructive mathematics -Can the gadget computer go beyond the $NP$ problem?- [dvi]
  2. Takahiro Seki, Models for Modal Logics over KR [dvi]
  3. Kazuyo Inoi, Subframe logics for S4-type intuitionistic modal logic [dvi]
  4. Hiroakira Ono, Residuation Theory and Substructural Logics [dvi]
  5. Ryo Kashima, Alternatives to the relevant logic R [dvi]
  6. Norihiro Kamide, A Kripke Type Semantics for Substructural Logics with Strong Negation [dvi]
  7. Tatsuya Shimura, Kripke completeness of predicate extensions of cofinal subframe logics [dvi]
  8. Yuichi Komori, On Komori Algebras [dvi]
  9. Tadao Ishii, An Extension of Martin-L\"of's Type Theory with an Evolution Relation [dvi]
  10. Mamoru Shimoda, Fuzzy relations and fuzzy mappings between fuzzy subsets [dvi]
  11. Motohiko Mouri, Theorem Provers with Counter Models from xpe [dvi]
  12. Masahiko Murakami, Initial segments of Rudin-Frol\'\i k order [dvi]
  13. Marcus Kracht and Tomasz Kowalski, Atomic incompleteness [dvi]
  14. Haruhiko Kozawa, On Quantales [dvi]
  15. Satoko Titani, Quantale valued set theory [dvi]