Microlocal Analysis and Related Topics


田原秀敏 (上智大学理工学部)
岡田靖則 (千葉大学理学部)
山根英司 (関西学院大学理工学部)
京都大学・数理解析研究所 420号室




13:30-14:20 大内 忠 (上智大理工)
Formal power series solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations and their multisummability
14:30-15:20 吉野 正史 (広島大理)
WKB analysis to normal form theory of vector fields
15:40-16:30 Jose Ernie C. Lope (University of the Philippines)
Walter's method applied to systems of singular equations


10:00-10:50 Hua Chen (Wuhan University)
On the singular partial differential equations and the summability of the formal solutions
11:00-11:50 打越 敬祐 (防衛大数学)
2D singular Cauchy problems for quasilinear equations
13:30-14:20 浦部 治一郎 (同志社大工)
Hypergeometric representation of the solution of singular Cauchy problem for fuchsian p.d.e.
14:30-15:20 神本 丈 (九大数理)
The Bergman kernel for tube domains
15:40-16:30 松井 優 (東大数理)
Radon transforms of constructible functions on Grassmann manifolds


10:00-10:50 若林 誠一郎 (筑波大数学系)
Remarks on local solvability of operators with principal symbol $\xi_1^2+\cdots +\xi _{n-1}^2+x_n^2\xi _n^2$
11:00-11:50 木下 保 (筑波大数学系)
Hyperbolic equations with non analytic coefficients well posed in all Gevrey classes
13:30-14:20 滝口 孝志 (防衛大数学)
Uniqueness and non-uniqueness of generalized functions with microlocal regularity
14:30-15:20 田村 充司 (阪大理)
Uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for systems with partial analytic coefficients
15:40-16:30 永安 聖 (阪大理)
The solution formula of the elastic equation in plane-stratified media and its applications for inverse problems


10:00-10:50 首藤 啓 (都立大理)
Stokes geometry for the quantized Henon map
11:00-11:50 青木 貴史 (近畿大理工), 河合 隆裕 (京大数理研), 小池 達也 (京大理), 佐々木 俊介 (京大数理研), 竹井 義次 (京大数理研)
To be announced
13:30-14:20 佐々木 俊介 (京大数理研)
The role of virtual turning points in the deformation of higher order linear equation
14:30-15:20 田島 慎一 (新潟大工)
Noetherian differential operators and an algorithm for computing Grothendieck local residues
15:40-16:30 中村 弥生 (近畿大理工)
An invariant of hypersurface isolated singularities with different Milnor and Tjurina numbers


10:00-10:50 田原 秀敏 (上智大理工)
Removable singularities of solutions of nonlinear totally characteristic type partial differential equations
11:00-11:50 白井 朗 (名大多元数理)
Maillet type theorem for singular nonlinear first order partial differential equations of totally characteristic type
13:30-14:20 片岡 清臣 (東大数理)
Fractional power singularities and microlocal boundary value problems
14:30-15:20 千葉 康生 (東大数理)
WKB solutions for microdifferential equations with fractional power singularities
15:40-16:30 山澤 浩司 (カリタス女子短大)
On formal solution and genuine solution for some partial differential equations