RIMS Conference
Microlocal Analysis and Related Topics

October 19 -- 22, 2009
Jointly supported by RIMS and Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kwansei Gakuin University

Hidetoshi Tahara (Sophia University)
Hideshi Yamane (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Yasunori Okada (Chiba University)
Conference Venue
Room No. 1405 of Osaka Umeda Campus, Kwansei Gakuin University


October 19 (Monday)

13:40-14:25 Masaki Hibino (Okayama Science University)
Summability of formal solutions for singular first-order linear PDEs with holomorphic coefficients II
14:35-15:20 Seiichiro Wakabayashi (Tsukuba University)
On the Cauchy problem for hyperbolic operator of second order whose coefficients depend only on the time variable
15:40-16:25 Hidetoshi Tahara (Sophia University)
Gevrey regularities of solutions of nonlinear singular partial differential equations
16:35-17:20 Marian Roque (University of the Philippines)
On the deficiency index of even-ordered symmetric differential expressions

October 20 (Tuesday)

10:30-11:15 Kinoshita Tamotu (Tsukuba University)
A representation formula for solutions of generalized Tricomi equations
11:25-12:10 Sei Nagayasu (Hokkaido University)
Reconstruction of penetrable obstacles in acoustics
13:40-14:25 Sunao Ouchi (Sophia Universuty)
Existence of classical solutions near the characteristic points of first order nonlinear partial differential equations in real domains
14:35-15:20 Shinichi Tajima (Niigata University), Yayoi Nakamura (Kinki University)
Algebraic local cohomologies and b-function for semiquasihomogeneous singularities
15:40-16:25 Toshimasa Ishige (Chiba University)
A family of K3 surfaces and a GKZ differential equation induced from a Fano polytope
16:35-17:20 Atsuhira Nagano (Waseda University)
Period differential equation for families of K3 surfaces derived from reflexive

October 21 (Wednesday)

10:30-11:15 Yasunori Okada (Chiba University)
A notion of boundedness at infinity for univariate hyperfunctions
11:25-12:10 Keisuke Uchikoshi (National Defence Academy of Japan)
Microlocal analysis of a vortex sheet
13:40-14:25 Susumu Yamazaki (Nihon University)
To be announced
14:35-15:20 Otto Liess (Bologna University)
Geometric properties and decay estimates in crystal theory in the nearly cubic case (Results in collaboration with C.Melotti)
15:40-16:25 Naoto Kumanogo (Kogakuin University)
Phase space Feynman path integrals via piecewise bicharacteristic paths and their semiclassical approximations
16:35-17:20 Yasuyuki Oka (Sophia University), Kunio Yoshino (Tokyo City University)
Asymptotic expansions of the solutions of the heat equations with generalized functions (Srr)' initial value

October 22 (Thursday)

10:30-11:15 Takashi Aoki (Kinki University), Naofumi Honda (Hokkaido University), Youko Umeda (Hokkaido University)
A construction of instanton-type solutions for Painlev\'e hierarchy by using multiple-scale analysis
11:25-12:10 Shingo Kamimoto (University of Tokyo)
On a Schr\"odinger operator with a merging pair of a simple pole and a simple turning point
13:40-14:25 Sampei Hirose (Kyoto University, RIMS)
WKB analysis for a holonomic system satisfied by the Pearcey integral
14:35-15:20 Shinji Sasaki (Kyoto University, RIMS)
On the characterization of Stokes graphs for second order Fuchsian equations
Discussion and closing