List of Publications

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1. A 2-local geometry for the Fischer group $F_{24}$, Journal of the Faculty of Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Sec.IA, 31 (1984), 59--79.

2. The Conway-Norton algebras for $\Omega^-(6,3), \Omega(7,3), F_{24}'$, and their full automorphism groups, Inventiones Mathematicae, 88 (1987), 277--318.

3. Code loops and even codes over $F_4$, Journal of Algebra, 118 (1988), 140--149.

4. (with T. Kondo and I. Miyamoto) Even lattices and doubly even codes, Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, 43 (1991), 67--87.

5. (with A. Munemasa) New 5-Designs with Automorphism Group $PSL(2,23)$, Journal of Combinatorial Designs, 7 (1999), 147--155.

6. (with A. Bonnecaze, P. Gaborit, M. Harada, P. Sol\'e) Niemeier Lattices and Type II Codes over $Z_4$, Discrete Mathematics, 205 (1999), 1--21.

7. (with M. Miyamoto, H. Yamada) Ternary codes and vertex operator algebras, Journal of Algebra, 223 (2000), 379--395.

8. Some Non-split Extensions of the Orthogonal Group $\Omega(7,3)$, Journal of Algebra, 224 (2000), 59--76.

9. (with C. H. Lam, H. Yamada) Decomposition of the Moonshine vertex operator algebra as Virasoro modules, Journal of Algebra, 226 (2000), 893--919.

10. (with M. Miyamoto, H. Yamada) Borwein Identity and Vertex Operator Algebras, Journal of Number Theory, 82, No.1 (2000), 100--108.

11. (with M. Harada) $Z_4$-Code Constructions for the Niemeier Lattices and Their Embeddings in the Leech Lattice, European Journal of Combinatorics, 21 (2000), 473--485.

12. (with K. Koike, H. Shiga) Notes on a certain integral orthogonal group and its quotient by the principal congruence subgroup of level 2, Kyushu Journal of Mathematics, 54 (2000), 1--15.

13. (with C. H. Lam, H. Yamada) A class of vertex operator algebras constructed from $Z_8$ codes, Journal of Algebra, 242 (2001), 338-359.

14. (with M. Miyamoto) 3-transposition automorphism groups of VOA, "Finite Groups Theory and Combinatorics in honor of Michio Suzuki", Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, 32 (2001), 315--324.

15. (with A. Munemasa) Even unimodular Gaussian lattices of rank 12, Journal of Number Theory, 15 (2002), 77--94.

16. (with M. Harada) $Z_6$-Code Constructions of the Leech Lattice and the Niemeier Lattices European Journal of Combinatorics, 23 (2002), 573--581.

17. (with C. H. Lam, H. Yamada) Moonshine Vertex Operator Algebra as $L(1/2,0)\otimes L(7/10,0)\otimesL(4/5,0)\otimes L(1,0)$-modules, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 173 (2002), 15--48.

18. (with S. Yoshiara) The radical subgroups of the Fischer simple groups, Journal of Algebra, 255 (2002), 22--58.

19. (with M. Harada and M. Ozeki) Ternary Code Construction of Unimodular Lattices and Self-Dual Codes over $Z_6$ Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 16 (2002), 209--223.

20. (with C. H. Lam, H. Yamada) 3-state Potts model, Moonshine vertex operator algebra and $3A$-elements of the Monster group, International Mathematical Research Notices, 23 (2003), 1269--1303.

21. (with M. Harada and A. Munemasa) On a 5-design related to an extremal doubly even self-dual code of length 72, Journal of Combinatorial Theory (A), 107 (2004), 143--146.

22. (with T. Ooi) Classification of Type II $Z_6$-Codes of Length 8, AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics, 1 (2004), 35--40.

23. (with M. Harada, A. Munemasa, B. Venkov) On some self-dual codes and unimodular lattices in dimension $48$, European Journal of Combinatorics, 26 (2005), 543--557.

24. (with N. Chigira, M. Harada) Extremal Self-Dual Codes of Length 64 through Neighbors and Covering Radii, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 42 (2007), 93--101.

25. (with N. Chigira, M. Harada) Finite permutation groups and self-orthogonal codes, Journal of Algebra, 309 (2007), 610--621.

26. (with N. Chigira, M. Harada) Some Self-Dual Codes Invariant under the Hall-Janko Group, Journal of Algebra, 316 (2007), 578--590.

27. (with N. Horiguchi, H. Nakasora) The Hall-Janko graph and the Witt system $W_{10}$, European Journal of Combinatorics, 29 (2008), 1--8.

28. (with N. Horiguchi, H. Nakasora) On the maximum coclique of the rank 3 graph of $2^{11}:M_{24}$, Journal of Combinatorial Designs, 17 (2009), 323--332.

29. (with A. E. Brouwer, N. Horiguchi, H. Nakasora) A construction of the sporadic Suzuki graph from $U_{3}(4)$, Journal of Combinatorial Theory (A), 116 (2009), 1009--1096.

30. (with N. Chigira, M. Harada) On the Classification of Extremal Doubly Even Self-Dual Codes with 2-Transitive Automorphism Group, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, to appear. (arXiv:1302.1626 [math.CO])

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